2 Minute Phobia Cure


This amazing system works on a principle popularized by hypnotist, Dr. Moshe Zwang and is sometimes called Palm Therapy. To eliminate an unwanted behavior, you will press on two specific point of the hand. We choose the left hand because it is speculated to be “cross-wired” to the right or emotional brain. Perhaps it is this wiring that makes this system work so well.

Look at the palm of your left hand. Around your thumb you’ll see your life line, above that your head line and finally, closest to your fingers, your heart line. You’ll be pressing on two pressure points; one on the heart line and one on the middle head line. (do not press on the life line).

Locate the spot on your heart line directly between your little and ring finger. When you press gently on that spot. You may feel a slight “ow” or stimulation.

Next locate the spot on your head-line, down from your index finger, near the middle finger. (If your head-line connects to the life line, make sure that you are not on your life line). Again it may be a little tender.

Ask yourself (or the person you are helping) “Do you really want to get rid of your phobia? If the answer is “no,” stop. Do it later when they are ready. If they said “yes” proceed.

“Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the situation that upsets you… On a scale of one to ten (one being weak and ten being intense), how strong is that feeling now? Bring it up to a higher number… notice where in the body you feel tension.”

Now, press firmly for on the heart-line and head-line pressure spots (you will hold this until the upset is gone). “Open your eyes.” Now ask pleasant questions with happy answers…

“Where do you like to go on vacation?”

“Do you have any pets?”

“What do you do for fun?”

“Close your eyes again and what number are we now or is it gone?” Repeat until any reaction is at a minimal or gone completely. The phobia will have vanished or be greatly reduced. If ever the phobia reappears use this technique again.


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