by SHELLEY STOCKWELL-NICHOLAS, Creator of “Stockwell’s Happy Hypno-Birthday!”

Hypnosis-Birthday Instructor: “How can you lower your stress level?”

First Expectant Father: “Prayer?” Hypnosis-Birthday Instructor: “Anything else?”

Second Expectant Father: “How about sex?”

First Expectant Father: “That’s what I’ve been praying for!”

In Spanish, to birth is called dar la luz or to give light. Throughout time women give light and bring forth life to miracle babies from their miraculous bodies. Birthing is naturally pain-free when you honor your innate instincts to relax, anesthetize, and do what it was intended to do. During pregnancy mom gives her body over to the small person inside of her. Your body has its own natural epidural. Mothers who use hypnosis are awake alert and happy.

Pregnancy brings a new mother, many feelings and emotions. No matter how many children you have this expectant little one is a completely new and individual gift from God. In pregnancy you literally have a baby factory going on inside of you. Your body and your baby have perfect timing as you develop, grow and flow with this natural experience.

Natural Hypnosis birthing sessions prepare you for all the miraculous changes that take place inside you for your baby’s well being. It puts your mind and body in harmony for an easy and joyous birthday. You bond with your sweet baby.

This is certainly a special time for you and your family. Natural Hypnosis Birthing trains your companion, family and friends to be a support team for you and your baby during the sacred time of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

During birth you relax profoundly and any discomfort is experienced as sensation; making your birthing experience sensational. Because birthing hypnosis requires little or no invasive drugs or medical procedures, you’ll be aware and completely in control. Natural Hypnosis Birthing can be done at home, in a birthing center or in a medical facility. Visit a hypnotist in your area to help you with your happy birthday. The International Hypnosis Federation has a wonderful referral list. With just a few sessions you’ll be in the driver’s seat of a pain free and joyous birth experience.


A birthing plan helps you ride the waves of your uterine contractions and birth. If you set yourself up for a specific time frame (i.e. my baby will be born in 4 hours) and then if your little one takes his or her time and shows up after that, you may lose your focus and center. Instead, focus on in this moment. “My baby and I are getting prepared to see each other. Our time is perfect. My baby and I are choosing the perfect moment of birth.”

Preparing your medical helpers

Breathing through contractions

Breathing the baby down the birth canal Breathing the baby out

Bonding with your miracle baby


Often hypnotists use glove anesthesia to desensitize discomfort. Here’s how to do it: Put yourself in a relaxed trance state and imagine that your hand is numb. Then take the numbness in your hand and place it to anyplace that needs to relax.


Birthing companions are an important part of Natural Hypnosis Birthing. You can choose your husband, partner, friend, sister, mother, father or hypnotist. The one that you choose will play a very special and important role in this awesome experience. Encourage them to attend classes with you and to help you practice. What If You’re the Birthing Companion? It is an honor to be chosen to be a birthing companion. You will be there as a team player. The support and bonding that you develop during you new mom’s pregnancy and birth will last a lifetime. You help her to discover her natural birthing instincts.

Attend each hypnosis preparation class and use the techniques you learn to help your beautiful woman during the upcoming birth. Together you have planned this precious life passage. As a facilitator, helper and coach, your prompts and attention bring mom comfort, confidence and control. The sound of your voice, and the touch of your hand, work wonders in Natural Hypnotic Birth. If the idea of being a coach for such a profound experience overwhelms you take a deep breath. It is really easy and amazingly rewarding. You’ll quickly learn how much good you bring to the experience. Your instincts and what you learn in class will make your job easy and rewarding. They are there to help you, the mother; freeing you to enjoy being entranced with bringing forth your little munchkin. Her companion attends the classes so that they understand the birth and prompts the mother for depth. Never using the word “pain.”

Interview your medical caretaker. Are they supportive of your wishes? After all, you are hiring this person to do the job you want done. They are your employee.

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR BIRTHING TEAM (Doctor, Midwife, Nurse Practitioner)

I will be using hypnosis and relaxation techniques for my birth. How comfortable are you with this?

Hypno-birth, includes having my coach (and sometimes my hypnosis birth teacher) with me during labor and delivery. Is that acceptable to you?

Are you willing to support me with this Natural Hypnosis Birth approach?

How do you feel about Pitocin and other such drugs to induce labor or for labor augmentation?

What do you think about C-sections?

What percentage of your births are C-sections?

What are your attitudes about episiotomy (cutting the opening to make it bigger)?

Here is a wonderful hypnosis script to relieve any worry:

“As an ebb and flow of energy that moves through you take your birth one uterine surge at a time. With the next surge you grow more and more relaxed. I release any prior negative programs and relax. My muscles and body easily yields. I turn my birthing over to nature. I am easy and calm. My body sways with relaxation. My body easily supports and nurtures my healthy baby. Every part of my body, mind and guidance are in harmony and play together to create a perfect environment for my healthy. happy little one. My baby develops perfectly. My body lovingly supports my sweet baby’s growth. My uterus is strong and easily supports my healthy baby. I listen well to my body and I do good kind and loving things for myself and my baby. When my baby is fully formed and ready to be born we work together as a team. Together we move gently with each surge to the glorious moment of life outside of my healthy womb. My body is completely at ease. Birthing is a natural and healthy experience. My healthy baby is born quickly and easily


“Go to the part of your brain that controls all the functions of your body: your endocrine system, muscles, nerves, ligaments, organs, breath, blood flow, elimination and rejuvenation. Let your brain bring you to the part that controls your particular challenge or condition (morning sickness, swelling, constipation, discomfort). What information is there? What is you need to do to make your self feel and be perfect in every way? Pause and listen, feel, see and intuit what your inner wisdom communicates. Very Good Mommy. Is there a gauge, a fuse, a control panel? It doesn’t have to make sense. Just report whatever pops into your head.

Now find the switch that controls this place that need correction and renewal. Good. If it’s been turned off turn it on right now. That’s right. Check any gauges and make sure that every system in your body is now. Your whole body is working together in harmony. Every muscle nerve, ligament, organ and tissue is working from a blueprint of excellent wellness. “

For more information on finding an Stockwell’s Hypnosis-Birthday Hypnotist in your area call (310) 541-4844 or look at our referral list in the directory. I highly recommend Kerry Tuschhoff’s Hypnobabies program.


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