About The IHF

IHF Mission Statement

The International Hypnosis Federation is dedicated to leadership that builds an excellent membership organization that supports humanistic attitudes, practices and practitioners. We offer an open forum for positive, growth-oriented knowledge, ideas, beliefs, and expertise. We promote learning, joy, fun, upliftment, tranquility, truth-telling, love, and enlightenment for all. Members agree to maintain high standards in their personal life, in their vocations and avocations. They practice self-improvement with education, communication, support, & promotion. We learn, work and play together to bring positive verbal and non-verbal up-liftment to our work, our lives, our society and the world.

The International Hypnosis Federations provides members with:

1. Personal development opportunities

2. Recognition & honoring of accomplishments

3. Information and recommendations about how to master your mind, body, emotions, joy & spirit.

4. IHF Education:

a. IHF Certification Training Programs

b. Cutting-edge multidisciplinary, trans-cultural information

c. Lectures, talks, and meetings organized by the IHF.

d. Yearly Conference “It’s All About YOU Conference for mind, body, spirit & FUN” in March

e. Regional Chapter meetings with guest speakers

f. Regional Events

g. Training Credits & Continuing Education Units (CEs).

h. Public Education about the good work of practitioners & their practices

i. On-line discussion conversation board

5. Research: IHF researchers review methods, studies, anecdotes, reports, & history to keep us informed & current.

6. Publications:

a. The quarterly “Hyp News” newsletter

b. Studies of human consciousness

c. Ethics & Standards Manual

d. Books that educate & inspire

7. Tools of the Trade

a. Cutting edge products are listed for sale on our website and are offered at our events.

8. Promotion of Practices and Practitioners

a. Promotion of our good work and ideas

b. Open line expert phone support, call (310) 541-4844

c. IHF members contribute articles to our publications and the press.

d. IHF members regularly appear on the media; radio, television, and web casts

e. IHF public speakers communicate in open forums and private meetings

9. Referrals of high-level competent practitioners

a. IHFR list (International Hypnosis Federation Referral) promotes helpers by specialty & location on www.hypnosisfederation.com

b. IHF offers in print referrals.

c. IHF offers phone referrals; call (310) 541-4844

IHF Ethics and Standards 
The International Hypnosis Federation supports standards of excellence and promotes public awareness for personal growth, and mind, emotion, body, spirit, and fun practices. We educate the public and protect consumer’s rights for self-empowerment. We represent, register, & refer individual members from a myriad of proud professions and support our members in their lives, research, practices and teachings. IHF professional members devote hours, and even a lifetime, developing their stand-alone disciplines and talents. Many are well schooled in multi-disciplines that are separate, legal, self-regulated, regulated, licensed and/or non-licensed.

The IHF strives to protect both the consumer and the provider to thrive. We fight to assure that eachperson maintains their inalienable right to freely practice, learn and use helpful techniques and to obtain professional services for behavior modification, fitness, comfort, relaxation, social skills, fun, self-improvement, success, self-exploration, self-confidence, motivation, and wellness. Each practitioner has the right to set their fees as they see fit.

We oppose legislation that attempts to control any of our varied fields of work or deprive consumers of the right to use the disciplines IHF practitioners offer. We vehemently preserve a professional’s right to pursue right livelihood in a vocation or avocation to which they dedicate time, effort and money.

IHF members understand the power of verbal and non-verbal suggestion and use hypnotic principles to facilitate our innate ability to be positive, peaceful, well, happy, abundant, and to look, feel and act your best.

Educational Standards 
International Hypnosis Federation members offers detailed and ethical education that prepares and certifies people to better themselves, create meaningful careers in hypnosis and other fields of support, motivation, well-being and upliftment or to add what is learned to other professions.

We hold an annual “It’s All About YOU Conference” for mind, body, spirit and fun each March in Southern California as well as regional and international conferences. Courses include continuing education credits for classes taken and the IHF is recognized as a continuing education provider by several licensing boards. This allows licensed practitioners to meet educational requirements by learning helpful techniques and procedures at one of our events and classes. High standards and hands-on experience give tremendous self-satisfaction. IHF approved, trained and certified instructors are located around the globe. To find a training program near you call (310) 541-4844 or e-mail us at ihf@cox.net.

Do Not Be Misled. Most alternative or complimentary trades do not require you to join any affiliate organization, union, or national guild. It is not necessary to belong to any organization to satisfy local and state laws. Professionals joyfully choose to join the International Hypnosis Federation, agree to a code of ethics, spend hundreds of hours learning and practicing specialized techniques, are certified, and regularly attend conferences. You have many options when you choose an organization and benefits vary. The International Hypnosis Federation networks like-minded people who keep informed with cutting-edge information, better skills, adherence to the law, and optional insurance benefits. Remember each trade organization is a business. Choose an ethical one that tells the truth and supports your business and your right to choose your helpers.

IHF Code Of Ethics 
Hypnosis Federation members adhere to the following code of ethics and each agrees to abide and be accountable to the following ethical principles. The IHF reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership for anyone, who in their judgment, does not comply with these standards: Human Welfare: Each member promises to honor the holistic well-being of the individual and respect every human’s innate ability for personal expression, introspection, wellness, enlightenment and joy. Our members are courteous and any abusiveness is strictly prohibited. Positive Programming: Each member agrees to provide verbal and nonverbal positive programming and related techniques in hypnosis and in any of their other respective specialized professions.

Modality Interaction: Each member agrees to work together with others to broaden and improve all uplifting mind, body, spirit, and joy modalities. Each member’s specialties are to celebrated.

Legal Conformity: Members shall observe the professional ethics of their conscience, specific affiliations, training standards and the laws of their city, state, country and province. IHF members agree to follow the regulations that are required for their individual profession(s). Alternative health care providers will disclose that they legally practicing their distinctive profession and are not licensed health care providers.

Advertising: Members agree to proudly inform and educate the public about the fine work they do. They publicly proclaim the good results of their fine work and are truthful in their advertising by not overstating credentials or making unsubstantiated claims.

Confidentiality: Members agree to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of information shared during client sessions as is acceptable under the law. Good Standing: Members must be of high moral character, conduct themselves and their practices in a professional, ethical manner and meet their financial dues obligation.

Education: Members adhere to high standards of training and continuing education. IHF members receive continuing education at our annual “It’s All About YOU Conference” (in March) and by taking classes and studies at chapter meetings, seminars and regional events. IHF recognizes or approves schools of instruction who provide a full curriculum and instruction in the theory, methods, practices and applications for that specific field of study. Any school or teacher who claims IHF recognition and/or approval must be approved by the International Hypnosis Federation and be a current member in good standing and honor the morals and ethics from this manual. IHF trained instructors agree to teach the IHF curriculum.

Each IHF Professional Members Affirms:

I believe in people’s innate ability to know and communicate their truth. My job is to hold the mirror so others may reflect on their heartfelt solutions, success, wellbeing and happiness. I agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics:

I honor the holistic well-being of the individual.
I work with others to broaden and improve the use of uplifting Mind, Body, Spirit & Joy generating modalities and to further the good name of the “power of suggestion,” “hypnosis” and other fine tools for the public welfare.
I observe the professional, legal and ethical standards of my professional affiliations.
I use positive programming and related techniques in my respective areas of professional competence.
In providing and representing professional services, I make valid claims and accurately state my credentials.
I maintain the confidentiality and privacy of information shared during client sessions as is permitted under the law.
I am honorable and of high moral and ethics
I regularly learn and strive to expand my wisdom and knowledge

IHF Consumer Bill of Rights
The International Hypnosis Federation members support the following Consumer Bill of Rights for the consumer. You may contact the International Hypnosis Federation at (310) 541-4844:
The right to life liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness
The right to access any modality you choose
The right to hire the professional you choose
The right to full information of a helper’s training
The right to stop government control over healers & helpers
The right to use alternative helpers (hypnotists, advice givers & Coaches…) for self-improvement
You have the right to know what fee & charges will be.
You have the right to see your records.
You have the right to be free from physical, verbal or sexual abuse.
You have the right to protect your privacy.
1. The right to life liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness

You and your family have the inalienable right to health, well-being and survival so you thrive.

2. Access to any modality you choose

You have the right to choose help that best serves your needs. You and your family have the right to access the kind of health care practice, program, healing, research, treatment, service, product, device, substance, and information you choose. You have the right to refuse any type of program or care without obligation or harassment. And the right to seek a second, or more, opinion about the care you have received.


You have the right to choose any practitioner you want. You have the right to decide who you hire to help you learn, remember, thrive, play, win, perform, reach goals, stop stress, pain and grief, and bad habits, like smoking, drinking, gambling, nail biting, over or under eating and entertaining pre-occupied thoughts and actions. Self-determination, personal choice are your right in your pursuit of happiness. Full access to health care practitioners, healers, researchers, treatments, services, products, devices, and substances is your right. No private organization or legislation has permission to take your right to use what you choose away from you.


You have the right to ask questions about the help you receive. You have the right to request and receive full information about any professional helper’s certification or licensure. Alternative and Complementary helpers are often Certified/Registered professional and not licensed. Licensed professionals are required to belong to specific state boards. You have the right to be informed about a helper’s specialization, education, training, experience, professional association, and membership. The IHF Disclosure form gives written information about education, training, experience, professional association membership, and specialization.


You have the right to demand a safe harbor. The public has the right to demand that the government impose no mandatory registration, certification, or licensure over the healing arts practitioner you choose. Government control over a helper who poses no risk or harm to the public forces that helper to gain a privilege from the government before engaging their wellness practices and restricts your ability to choose what you want.


Your ability to alter your state of mind to learn which is often called hypnosis or self-hypnosis, came with the package of your consciousness. Hypnosis, with it’s numerous names, uses your mind’s natural ability to create a positive attitude that supports life, joy, goals and wellness. It belongs to you. You naturally go in and out of trance throughout your day. You practice self-hypnosis by the suggestions you give yourself as self-talk. Teachers hypnotize children to learn, children hypnotize parents and vice versa, sales and advertisers hypnotize you to buy, politicians hypnotize people to vote them, the military hypnotizes people to fight, religions hypnotize to believe a particular doctrine, and lawyers hypnotize whole juries. You can learn to consciously hypnotize (or de-hypnotize) yourself or another in less than ten minutes. It’s fun and easy to learn. Professionals who practice the fine art of hypnosis are not required to be licensed and they do not practice medicine (that is a separate profession.) If you seek medical advice go to a medical practitioner; if you seek hypnosis or other alternative help go to a hypnotist or other helper.


You have the right to have written as well as verbal information about fees, method of payment, insurance reimbursement, estimated number of sessions, substitutions- in cases of vacation and emergencies- and cancellation policies before beginning any program. All vendors of products and services need to disclose what they charge. Their fees are based on their own fee schedule.


Everything in your file is accessible to you; including any assessments and type of plan of help offered. You have the right to request and receive full information of your progress and to transfer a copy of your file and information to any counselor, therapist or agency you choose. You may refuse or allow audio, video or digital recording of your session and, unless determined by a prior agreement, you have the right to take and own the recording as your own if you wish.


You have the right to receive respectful, safe help that is free from abuse. Any abusive actions are against the law in all modes of business. If someone violates this right, tell everyone you know, the district attorney, the police, the newspapers, the media and any organizations to which that person claims membership.


You have the right to refuse to disclose any information you choose not to reveal. You can request to know the limits of confidentiality and the circumstances when a helper is legally required to disclose information to others.

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